‘Comey Effect’: Where Does the FBI Director Stand as Election Dust Settles?

Douglas Charles, associate professor of history at Penn State Greater Allegheny, was quoted recently in an NBC News article about FBI Director James Comey and the 2016 presidential elections. Here’s an excerpt:

“In many ways FBI Director James Comey came out the loser after Tuesday’s presidential election — someone political experts say stands on shaky ground with both political parties after his handling of the probe into former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

” ‘I think there could be a lot of focus being directed towards Comey. That’s where the national narrative will now go,’ said Douglas Charles, who has written three books on the FBI and is a professor of history at Pennsylvania State University.

 “And, in that national narrative, Comey is being cast by some as the person who helped upend an election.”
Read more at NBCNews.com.
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